Last year, I became an exchange student of Tongmyong University in Busan. As everyone know if you’ve been following my blog.. I’m an Infinite fan. I discovered they went in Busan to have a promotional city tour for tourists who wants to visit Busan. I decided to hunt these places they went to. It’s quite hard to know which place is that though. HAHAH. Because I keep on pausing the video to know which place is that. For real. but then I just discovered this site. Well not all of the places they went are listed in the website.mehehehe… :)) You can look the full…well not really, but almost full list. Ah..and “Madame Tussaudes” in Shinsaege Department store in Busan is already closed. So me neither wasn’t able to go T_T and I was also be able to go near the yacht place but wasn’t able to take a picture T_T

First, these are the places of Woohyun’s Wish, 

Pale De Cz

20140316_161126This is a condo located in Haeundae Beach, and exactly besides the paradise hotel. Once you reached the beach I promise you, you will be able to see this unique designed building along the seaside of Haeundae.

21g Cocktail Bar


I promise you I searched very very hard for this place. I didn’t know when did 21g closed. but it turned to be a coffee shop which is SELECTO COFFEE, I was able to distinguished the location because of the building and the restaurant beside if which is the Burger and Pasta. It was showed in the video it was beside that store hahaha so I concluded it was this building and the store. 🙂 you can take a look it by yourself 🙂 This is in Gwang-an. If you walk through the seaside of Gwang-an (it’s quite long though) if you’re facing the beach it’s in your right but if you’re facing the buildings and the beach is on your back it’s on your left (yeah that’s obvious jen -_-)

Busan Aquarium



Busan Aquarium! This was actually the last destination I went to because it’s actually expensive costs 24,000 won ($24) and we were given a discount coupon !! (Hooray!!!) So we paid 14,000 won instead! 😀 This is the place inside the Busan Aquarium they rode for a boat ride which I actually forgot what this is called. We wasn’t able to rode it because it costs 6,000 won and we don’t have that much money (T__T) I need to go back HAHAHAH :)) Under this was the underground aquarium and the largest? aquarium inside which consists of a lot of fishes and sharks and etc. It’s also in Haeundae 😀

Sungjong’s Wish


20140406_155442yay! this is where they stood~ :3

20140406_151922 20140406_151035

YEAH! IGIDAE! ❤ I actually love this place. Like really, I could go there whenever i want because it’s really close to our dorm and I can walk there for about 30 minutes I guess, and stay there for 5 hours or whole day.. like seriously. SERIOUSLY. I thought this is the place that will be the hardest to go but I’m wrong, because it’s the easiest and I could even live there like yeah. hahahah!! Hoya oppa let’s go to this place everyday. hahaha :)) This is where they shouted and even Hoya talked to the galmaegis(seagulls) kkkkk Entrance of Igidae is in Yongho-dong~ ^^

Lotte Hotel


They checked-in in this hotel and I think they used “GIANTS” room, Giants is Busan’s Baseball team 😉 haha! btw we watched baseball and it was fun :))) segwaaay~ lol so back to the story, This is in Seomyeon, I forgot the exit in the subway, but you can search for it though~~~ aahhh! no~ If you’re going to transfer in Green Line, and go straight further more you’ll be able to see the underground entrance of Lotte Department store and then in the upper floors I think is the hotel~ :))

L’s Wish

Cafe Luca

20140501_124037 20140501_123925They actually went first to Gamcheon Culture village before this place HAHAH :)) and well yes as you can see, I saw this picture inside the cafe :))) In the picture they went there on July 19, 2012 😀 we ordered too and went upstairs hahaha because that is where they take a rest and have picture taking.. this is a cafe for photographers, of course not only for photographers but also to everyone, but L said it was a place where mostly photographers go. 🙂 It’s located near Haeundae Beach.

Gamcheon Culture Village 


20140601_160219 20140601_170518

I completed the stamps~~ Infinite didn’t~ 😛 HAHAHAH :))) But yeah so I actually don’t know how to go here because I just asked my friend and he led me the way and after that we went to Busan Citizen’s Park. So anyways, we just rode a bus from our dorm to Nampo then went down near Jungang subway station. and rode a bus again and I don’t know what happened next and walked very long and stiff road until we reached the entrance of the village. It was really fun, I should go back there because I need to try the art tour. We just did the stamp activity hahaha :)) the hardest one was The house of Peace. Really, hahaha not so hard but you should know where to go :))) There’s a map inside so you don’t have a problem 🙂


 Vintage Eye 


Go South


I’ll make this very short lol…Sunggyu-nim’s wish is shopping! xD and yes they went to the right place! NAMPO-DONG! This is near International Market aka Gukje Market. I went inside, Vintage eye is yeah, full of vintage designed glasses shop which is really nice, and the atmosphere is really good but the glasses are quite expensive for me because I’m still a  tstudent lol :))) and Go South. I should have really bought the 10?or 20,000 won bag. OMG WHY I DIDN’T BOUGHT IT! WHYYYY. These is a combination shop? It has bags, shirts, skate boards, etc. It’s near the Jungang Catholic Church. I think one of the streets beside the church. for real.

Hoya’s Wish

Shinsaege Department Store


Madamme Tussauds and the skating rink are actually inside but I missed Madamme Tussaudes and it closed already in March? I forgot. But yeah the skating rink is located in 4th floor at the east side? Near food court~ hahah 🙂 5th floor is kyobo bookstore 😉 (There’s also Kyobo bookstore -HOTTRACKS and Synnara Records in Seomyeon for KPOP fans who wants to buy kpop albums! and also other recording artists :)) This is in Centum City.

Busan University (2012 Grafitti)

20141207_144718 20141207_144540 20141207_144043

This is where they painted there “artwork” LOL but it was already erased thought since it’s been almost 3 years but been 2 years when I went there. but yeah that’s where they shoot the scene 😉 It’s exit 2 of Busan University (Busan Dae) The duck and the graffiti beside it is on there video for clarifying I went to the right place lol :))


20140315_153223 20140315_153958

BIFF, this is where BIFF is held, it’s also a cinema place 🙂 you can watch movies in the building on the 4th? or 5th? floor I think, this is just behind Shinsaege Department story/Lotte Department Store and besides KNN Channel Building. for the big screen outside, you can watch movies there after? BIFFestival, they have schedules on what time you can watch there as far as I know… but there’s a time you can watch some movies and have schedules… around october. yeah. So it’s in centum city too!

Haengdong Yong-gu Temple

20140401_152742That is where they shoot there last scene for Busan wish Travel  greetings 😉 I think I also sat Dongwoo’s place while writing there letter lol


omg, this is so unexpected. We went here because of a field trip held by our school and I WILL THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US HERE or else I won’t be able to go here. IT’S REALLY FAR. Like omg, How will I be able to go here if we don’t have private car~~~ It has a bus stop in front of the temple entrance but oh dear my gosh, I think I will be really scared. (just maybe, I went to Seoul alone without knowing anything so I think I still can go here by myself lol) This place is dae to the bak!

SO YEAH 🙂 That’s the end of my Journey. I told myself I need to go to these places before I went back here in the Philippines. and guess what. I did! I just didn’t do the Bus tour even I want to because I already went to all the bus stop overs without riding the bus! xD but well when I go back, I will just ride it hahaha… :)) If you have any questions for the places and also how to go here and there just comment down bellow and I’ll teach you the best ways. 

TIP! DOWNLOAD A SUBWAY MAP. and I swear use Google maps, or daum maps or naver maps and open your gps. It’s my best friend ;P 

Lesson learned

I don’t know if someone already did this besides me but it’s fun, I know maybe it’ s quite too much to follow where they went in Busan but really, I enjoyed more than I expected. There’s of course a lot more place to go in Busan, I promise you, but try these places too 🙂 I’m a kpop fan and more the less…kpop fans wants to go in Seoul because the companies and the artist are reachable there. Yes, I discovered Korea because of KPOP, but me loving Korea doesn’t just stop me only in KPOP. But I also discovered outside the box, Korea is not just only about KPOP. Try to discover it for yourself 🙂


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