Park Chanyeol.


Please have time to read this especially Chanyeol stans 

[translation] a message from a chinese chanyeol fan to other fans

Recently, he doesn’t smile much anymore, he’s really changed; he’s not like the Park Chanyeol in the past who was always grinning widely

During China Love Big Concert, when Ma Song (the MC) asked him why he doesn’t respond like the Reaction King anymore, he said that he was preparing, and after that, it seemed like his every smile was forced

When he’s upset or unhappy, he never shows it to the fans; he doesn’t want them to worry for him so he’s always smiling, but then you say he has an ulterior motive, you accuse him of hogging the limelight

When he stopped being the Reaction King on China Love Big Concert, you say you’re not used to it, but I want to point out: when he does it you say he’s not being sincere and when he stops, you tell him to keep doing it

Every time Exo wins an award, there are always tears in his eyes that he doesn’t let fall, and when he can’t hold them back, he uses his hands to wipe them off quickly before anyone can see

On Weekly Idol, when a Korean fan told him to stop digging his nose, the look in his eyes changed… he’s such a confident person, when you say his dancing isn’t good, you’re right, he’s not as good as Kim Jongin, but he tried his best alright, his dancing isn’t bad alright?

When he was dancing on Weekly Idol to liven up the variety atmosphere, he accidentally broke the mic and you scolded him, but did you realise that when he got up, the back of his pants was all white. Some people said that was floor dust, but whatever it was, you could tell how painful it was for him when he fell.

Before the Wolf comeback, when he cut his hair short, you said he looked bad and then he didn’t smile for so many days… the confident him that likes to use anything that reflects as a mirror, during those few days, he walked around with his head bowed… recently some fans even said he doesn’t like to look at the mirror anymore

I don’t know what those Korean fans are thinking, since you love him, why do you still talk about him like that? He really takes it to heart… he’s really precious to me, please don’t criticise him anymore…

(t/n: I took the liberty to add punctuation so that it’s easier to read, since the original post didn’t have any full stops lol ^^;; and also, some of the sentence structures have been altered but I tried to keep the meaning as close to the original as possible.)

cr: semi-hiatus
from: tumblr

source: EXO 엑소 @ Facebook.


I want his smile back,



yeah, I’m a Chanyeol biased hihi ♥

I don’t think Korean fans are the only people who judge Chanyeol. This message should apply to everyone who judge my yeobo.


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