안녕하세요! Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, I’m Jennifer • You can call me Jeya.
제니퍼라고해요 • 별명은 제야예요.
LANGUAGE / 언어:  ENGLISH or 한국어 or Filipino = ✔

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  • About me: A little introduction about myself
  • Fan Girl: you can find my personal fan accounts, fan cams, fan photos and sns interactions with artists
  • Personal: Posts regarding my personal life and Events with kpop(w/o kpop artist) or non kpop related 
  • KPOP: random blog things about my kpop biases and other artists
  • Tips: Tips about Travel or any kpop related tips or Korean Language
  • Bias List encounter: A monitoring check list every time I meet my biases
  • Hallyu Star Checklist: Summary list of the Hallyu Star I saw
  • Ask me: Ask me any questions on my

PS: I fan girl a lot of random things lol ❤ Enjoy!